All on 4 Teeth in a day

Case 1 : 

The patient referred herself to CDIC because she was losing her teeth to periodontal (gum) disease. She was contemplating dental implants and expressed a wish to have a fixed option. Bacterial and genetic tests were carried out with her consent and it resulted that her genetic risk for periodontal disease was low, while the bacterial counts were the main risk factor. Treatment was carried out to lower the bacterial counts and she was then treated with an upper and lower All-On-4 teeth in a day. This way on the day of surgery she had a temporary set of teeth straightaway, without any gaps or dentures. Once the implants had fully integrated a new full set of teeth was made out of Composite bonded onto a strong Titanium beam.

Case 2 : 

This patient was referred by her dentist as her upper four front teeth were mobile. She had periodontal (gum) disease, and although her cleaning was very good, the periodontal disease was not responding to treatment. She did not like the way her front teeth looked as well. After a careful examination we carried out a genetic and bacterial test which showed that she had a genetic predisposition to periodontal disease, and we worked with her to explain how to reduce the risk as much as possible. After discussing all her treatment options, the patient decided to go down the route of an All-On-4 teeth in a day. On the day of surgery, we removed her diseased teeth, 4 implants were placed and a complete set of temporary teeth was fitted so she did not have to wear a removable denture. Once the implants had fully integrated the final set of teeth was made out of porcelain crowns supported by a strong titanium beam. The patient is very happy with the results.