Smile Gallery

Our smile file is intended to show you the results we have achieved at this practice and our patients have given their permission to show you their before and after smiles.

If you decide to let us look after your smile, we will always ask your permission before showing anyone pictures of your smile.

In putting together the smile file we have not simply brought out all the biggest cases we have undertaken – yes we do lots of these, but we also treat many patients who require smaller changes to make them happy. All our cases are designed in consultation with the patient and based upon what is best for them. For some patients they need a full smile makeover and for some patients a simple recontouring of one tooth can change their life.

Many of the patients’ photographs shown in the smile file are cases where the patient has requested treatment to restore functionality and these patients have been less concerned about addressing aesthetic issues. This is especially so in some of the dental implant cases. A patient may have a single tooth that is failing and requires replacement so they can eat again without having to wear a denture, but this patient is also happy to live with some aesthetically compromised teeth around the new implant supported tooth. No patient is ever pushed into having more work done for them than they actually need or want, though we are more than happy to address both functionality and aesthetics at the patient’s request.

We have tried to create categories of types of treatment to make it easier for you to look at the type of treatment you are interested in, but in a large proportion of cases you will find the final result is obtained by using more than one type of treatment option.