Same day teeth

When dental implants were first used and for many years after, it was normal to place dental implants and leave them to integrate with the bone for up to 6 months before teeth could be fitted on to them.

Now, in about 50% of cases treated at our clinic, we provide teeth the same day as the original teeth are extracted or, when there are no teeth present, the same day as the implants are placed. Same day teeth can replace a single tooth, a few teeth or even a full set of teeth using what if called the “All on 4” system.

Same day teeth can be provided using conventional dental implants or mini and midi implants. Conventional implants must be used when a tooth is extracted and a dental implant placed immediately into the socket and they may also be used when there are no teeth present. Mini and midi implants can only be used where a tooth or teeth requiring replacement have been missing for at least 6 months.

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