Dental implant procedure

At your initial consultation, x-rays will be taken, your dental health and oral hygiene assessed and your problem evaluated.

Should dental implants be considered suitable for you, the implant procedure is as follows:


The surgeon places a metal (titanium) root in your jaw. While the root bonds to your bone, you are able to wear either temporary dentures or bridges. Should a tooth require extraction prior to implant treatment, it is often possible to extract the tooth and place the implant directly into the extraction socket at the same appointment. The healing process normally takes 3-6 months, but in some instance, a temporary prosthesis may be placed immediately onto the implant.


The surgeon attaches an extension on the metal root to bring it through the gum.

In a large proportion of cases, it is now possible to combine stages 1 and 2 in the same appointment, thus reducing the healing time, in certain cases to as little as 1 month.


The surgeon or your dentist, together with a dental technician, then creates a final tooth, bridge or denture. The artificial crown or bridge is attached with either cement or a screw.


Proper brushing, flossing and regular check-ups will help you maintain your dental implants in perfect condition.

Following dental implant treatment

It will be necessary for you to return to us on a yearly or 2 yearly basis for long term evaluation of implant stability, routine radiographic checks and professional cleaning of the implant prosthesis.

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