Referral procedure for Fresh Breath Clinic

  • Dentist to send referral letter (on line, by post or by fax).
  • Cleveland CDIC will send written confirmation of receipt of your letter.
  • A letter will be sent to your patient advising them of the care they will receive at their appointments and asking them to contact us to pre pay the fee for the Fresh Breath Clinic of £170.00 and make an appointment.
  • We will confirm the appointment by letter to your patient and also enclose instructions for your patient to follow as this will help us maximise the accuracy of the Halimeter readings.
  • At the initial appointment of 45 minutes duration
    • A medical history will be taken
    • Restorations checked and radiographs taken if necessary
    • The Halimeter will be used to check for volatile sulphur compounds
    • Plaque and bleeding charts and pocket charts will be done if required.
    • Intense oral hygiene instruction will be given

(Should your patient require any treatment by a hygienist, they can be treated at Cleveland Cosmetic and Dental Implant Clinic at an additional cost or they can have the hygienist treatment carried out at their own practice, prior to them returning to the Fresh Breath Clinic for their final appointment. Please specify in your referral letter whether you would like us to carry out any hygienist treatment).

  • At the final appointment of 15 minutes duration
    • A second Halimeter reading will be taken to check the volatile sulphur compound levels.
    • Bleeding and plaque charts will be re charted
  • A report will be sent to you after the final appointment