This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. For more information about the treatments we offer, or if you need to book an appointment, please contact us today on 01642 570 147.

How long has Cleveland CDIC being doing dental implants?
Cleveland CDIC started carrying out dental implant treatment in 1992. It was the first clinic in the area to provide dental implant treatment and is the largest provider in the area.
How long will they last?
There is no definitive answer to this question. We would hope that the actual dental implants would last a life time with only the superstructures requiring replacing as they wear out – we are working with the human body, however, and failures can occur over time. The normal accepted success rate is 97%.
How long will it take?
Depending on the complexity of the treatment sometimes teeth can be fitted the same day and sometimes treatment can take over a year to complete.
Can I bring a companion to my consultation?
We advise prospective patients to bring a companion as there is a lot of information to take in and two people are more likely to remember more information.
Can my dentist be present?
Your dentist is always invited to be present at any stage throughout the treatment process.
How many appointments are needed?
A minimum of five appointments are required but normally it is in the region of eight to twelve.
Does it hurt?
Surprisingly no. Once the injections have been placed for the surgical procedure there is no pain and following surgery most patients say it is about the same discomfort as having a tooth removed. In many simple cases, patients report that they did not take any post operative pain killers.
Should I stop smoking?
We do not force patients to stop smoking but we highly recommend they do. Patients who continue to smoke are two and a half times more likely to have an implant fail. We do not prohibit smokers from having dental implant treatment but implants that fail in smokers are not replaced free of charge.
Will I need to return to the Cleveland CDIC for checkups?
Once treatment is complete patients should continue to see their own dentist on a six monthly basis and will be asked to return to Cleveland CDIC after one year when the implant will be checked and x-rayed. If all is perfect they will then be seen every two years by ourselves, a shorter time interval will be advised if any problems are found.
Can I replace my denture with implants?
In the vast majority of cases yes.
Can implants make my denture tighter?
Dentures can be clipped onto dental implants thus making the dentures very stable in the mouth.
Can I still have implants if I have lost my teeth due to gum disease?
Dental implants are an excellent treatment option providing patients are prepared to work hard at cleaning their dental implants and there is no other gum disease left in the mouth.
Will anyone know I have implants?
Not unless you tell them.
Will I be left without teeth?
You will always be offered temporary alternative solutions whilst dental implant treatment is progressing.
Do I have to be referred by my own dentist?
No, patients can refer themselves
Can I talk to someone who has had treatment?
We have many patients who are so pleased with the work we have carried out that they are more than willing to speak to prospective patients.
Am I too old or too young?
You can never be too old but you can be too young. Generally we try not to place dental implants in females under 18 and males under 20
Do I have to stay in hospital?
All work is carried out within the practice, unless you need very major bone grafting requiring the services of our consultant oral surgeon.
Can I be put to sleep?
We do not put patients to sleep but we do use different forms of sedation for nervous patients
Can implants fail?
The normal accepted success rate is 97%. For non-smokers who look after their implants, in the first three years after placement a failed implant would normally be replaced free of charge.
Are implant supported teeth as strong as natural teeth?
In all cases they are as strong and in many cases they are stronger.
Do I have to register with Cleveland CDIC for my routine care?
If you are referred to us by your own dentist you will be returned to the care of your own dentist at the end of treatment
Are dental implants the solution for you?
Many people wonder if dental implants can solve their dental problem – if any of the following statements apply to you, dental implants may be a solution.