Free Consultations

  1. At your first appointment you will be seeing our Treatment Co-ordinator who will give you general advice about your individual treatment options, alongside this you will also have a short appointment with your dentist and will be in the practice for around 50-60 minutes where a range of possible treatments and costs will be given.
  2. You will be asked to attend the practice 30 minutes prior to your appointment time as, initially, there will be a New Patient Questionnaire to complete – This involves answering questions on your medical and dental health and how you would like your teeth to look and function. It is this questionnaire that forms the basis of discussion with the treatment coordinator and dentist.
  3. Following on from your Free Consultation appointment you will have the option of having a Consultation and Detailed Examination to see what actual options are available for you. You will see a treatment co-ordinator and have a thorough and detailed examination with the dentist. You will be in the practice for around 90 minutes and the consultation will include:
  • An in depth examination of your teeth and gums
  • X-rays where requested
  • An in depth discussion with the dentist
  • A fairly accurate ball park figure of the cost of treatment
  • A detailed post consultation discussion with the dentist / treatment coordinator

Please note

The above consultation appointment is complimentary, however, should you fail to attend for this appointment or cancel it with less than 24 hours’ notice, it is unlikely that another complimentary consultation appointment will be offered to you and, as per our practice policy, you may also be charged a broken appointment charge. Any further consultation appointments would only be made on a chargeable basis.