Air Polising

Air polishing treatment is quick and easy and more relaxing than with traditional applications – we can recommend it as a way of cleaning your teeth thoroughly. A high-pressure jet with a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and lemon is used to remove stains and your mouth will feel cleaner and totally refreshed.

How halitosis can affect your life

  • You lack confidence
  • You avoid conversation
  • You move away when in close proximity to people
  • You cover your mouth with your hands
  • You speak sideways
  • You avoid sitting close to people
  • You avoid kissing and intimate contact

If you recognise any of these traits in yourself, you may wish to make an appointment at our Fresh Breath Clinic. Initially you will be seen by one of our dentists and then our hygienist, Karen Hails (Hygienist of the Year – Dental Awards 2009) who will measure your breath and advise you on any treatment required for Halitosis.