Janie Nelson

Implant/Dental Nurse

I have happily been part of the team here since December 2003 and was 38 years old (Better late than never).

I am a qualified dental nurse who, foolishly, took the extra responsibility for the management of all stock and making sure that all of the Clinical areas are spic and span.

I am part of the Implant co- ordination team and order all implant stock and I personally put together our patient “Implant Op” packs so that when the patients arrive for their Implants to be placed it is all there for them.

I was very thrilled to have passed my Radiography exam taken in December 2009. It involved a lot of study but who said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.

I love my work and all the people that I work with, so I consider myself to be lucky. We love to have nights out together now and again and have been known to share the odd bottle of falling down water, dance the night away and compare bruises the next day.

I am a mother of two grown up children and I have been blessed with 4 beautiful grandchildren and enjoy being a “nanny” a lot.

When I am released into the community from my ball and chain at work (ha ha) I like nothing better than to go out with my wonderful family and I really love a good Karaoke.