Gill Douglas

Dental Surgeon BSc MSc BDS 1989 (London)

GDC registration no. 65097

I really hate going to the dentist!

The words every dentist dreads to hear. So what do we do to make patients hate us so?

Some bright spark once wrote that dentistry is akin to doing “underwater watch repairs, upside down, back side foremost in a mirror whilst trying to ride a moving camel!. Hmmmmm!, obviously not easy but being a dentist is really MUCH more than this.

  • We need to be good listeners, counsellors and psychologists. We need to be able to empathise with patients who are anxious and offer solutions or help to calm their nerves.
  • We need to play detective sometimes when the cause of a patient’s problem is not always obvious to see.
  • We need to be technicians, artists, metallurgists and ceramicists, who can visualise and plan in 3D to shape materials into beautiful new teeth.
  • We need to be teachers and motivators who can educate our patients into healthier ways of looking after their teeth.

It also helps to be fairly easy going with a good sense of humour, as we have an awful lot of outside regulation to deal with!!

So the next time you come to see your dentist, keep these things in mind, we really truly want to help you and we do so much more than just drilling teeth.

And outside of work?

Well I still love getting out into the fresh air with the dogs – 3 male Dalmatians and Maisey my lurcher cross – whether it is up into the hills or down to the local beaches. My partner Jim & I are always on the lookout for good “dog friendly” accommodation, so suggestions are always welcome especially if there is good food and real ale too.

My girlfriends & I also enjoy the normal shopping trips and pamper days, the yearly Christmas shopping trip to Edinburgh is a must, we also go to Whitby for the annual Goth Weekends.

I am also an avid supporter of the RNLI being a lifetime Governor.

And for those of you who need to know the educational stuff, I have 3 degrees, a BSc. in Applied Biology majoring in Biochemistry & Microbiology. This was followed by an MSc. In Experimental Oral Pathology, and then the requisite dental degree, the BDS both from the Royal London Medical College.

An award at college also gave me an Honorary Lifetime Membership of the British Dental Health Foundation.

At the Dental Health Care Centre I like to keep up with new trends in the more general areas of dentistry and attend varied and diverse courses to keep up to date. I am particularly interested in the fields of Endodontics (root fillings) and Pathology so I have undertaken more specialised courses in these subjects and welcome referrals in this area.