Eat, drink & be merry but don’t forget your teeth!

13th December 2016 by John Picton

‘Tis the season of good will and all around the country people in family-filled homes will be ripping open presents, cracking open the champagne and rummaging around in chocolate boxes for their favourite one.

It’s the time of year people treat themselves to that extra mince pie or that extra glass of mulled wine. We personally love this time of year and we readily throw ourselves into the Christmas spirit, but it doesn’t mean our teeth need to suffer.

We’d like to share some top tips to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout the festive season.

  • Limit your sugar intake – harmful oral bacteria actually feed on the sugars you eat to create acids that destroy the tooth enamel. The cavities are a bacterial infection created by the acids, which cause your teeth to get a hole in them. During the festive period, try to up your brushing to 3 times per day, remember to floss and ask yourself whether you really want that extra slice of cake.
  • Eat cheese and dairy products – did you know that cheese is said to return the mouth to its natural acid balance and can help reduce the chances of developing tooth decay? So, go on, get the cheese board out this Christmas.
  • Drink plenty of water – the recommendations are we should drink 6 to 8 glasses of fluid a day or around 2 litres, and water is the best fluid, as it has no sugars and hydrates the body.
  • Keep up your dental routine – with all the excitement over Christmas, it’s easy to slip into bad practices with your teeth cleaning. Make sure you brush them for at least two minutes twice a day and floss all that food debris away every night.
  • Keep active – we know it’s Christmas and you’ve probably been working hard all year, so we understand you may want a rest, but sometimes too much downtime can lead to overindulgence of sweet foods and drinks. Take a stroll in between meals or play some family games instead of snacking on sweets.
  • Everything in moderation – this motto can be used in many aspects of life but particularly when it comes to your oral health. We don’t want to be bah humbugs and say never enjoy sweet delights, especially at Christmas, but how about also adding some fresh fruit, cheese and crudités on your table tops this year.
  • Visit your hygienist – why not book a dental hygiene appointment after the Christmas holidays. The hygiene visits are not just about cleaning your teeth and providing you with effective tooth brushing techniques, advice can also be given on dietary habits, smoking, and examples of different cleaning products and fluoride use. All of these will have a direct effect on how healthy your teeth and gums will be.