Keep that summertime feeling with a sunnier smile

15th August 2016 by John Picton

Sorry to put a dampener on things, but autumn will soon be snapping at our heels, with its misty mornings and darker evenings. However, there is one way you can keep a bright, summery feeling for longer and that’s by lightening up your smile with our safe, effective teeth whitening.

As we get older (along with all those other annoying age-related issues), our teeth become a little more porous and susceptible to staining, so they may start to lose their youthful sparkle. Enamel enemies include staining from drinks such as coffee, tea and red wine (yes, all the good stuff), smoking and certain medications. We can help combat this depressing dullness with our simple whitening procedures.

The first step to beautifully bright teeth is to come and see us for a consultation, so we can check if you are a suitable candidate (please note that restorations such as veneers, bridges and crowns will not be affected by whitening). If you aren’t, then we can suggest other options to help smarten up your smile. If you are, we will work out which is the right kind of whitening for you and may suggest one of the following procedures:

Home whitening – for laid back lightening

This is a great choice if you who want to have a little control over when and where you get up to a touch of whitening. We take impressions and use these to make flexible trays that will fit your teeth perfectly. These trays are either worn over night or for a short period during the day and you should be able to show off your whiter smile within a couple of weeks.

Zoom power whitening – for a speedy shine up

This super quick in-surgery solution involves applying a powerful (but safe) gel to your teeth and using special high intensity light to speed up the process. It takes just 90 minutes and the whitening takes place in three stages so the resulting shade can be carefully controlled.

Enlighten – the double whammy of whitening

This system uses an effective combination of home and surgery whitening. Again, trays are specially made and used with the active gel for a fortnight. On the 15th day, the dentist or hygienist uses this tray but with a more powerful gel for really noticeable results.

As with all types of teeth whitening, the effects are not permanent, but if you keep hold of your unique mouth trays, you can reuse these with some newly purchased gel for a handy top-up. Also, steer clear of all those stain devils and keep discolouration at bay with plenty of brushing!

The safer way to sparkle!

Remember, we are a registered dental practice and used to making patient safety our priority. That’s why it’s a good idea to have your teeth whitened under the supervision of a dentist and since 2012, it has actually been illegal for non-dentally qualified people to carry out this procedure. Unregulated whitening can cause serious problems, such as tooth sensitivity. So stay safe, as well as beautiful, and choose us for reliable whitening.

Looking to lighten up? Give us a call on 01642 570 138.