Straighten things out on the Quiet

19th April 2016 by John Picton

If your misaligned teeth are bugging you but you just don’t fancy the thought of having metal clad teeth for months on end, we can sort you out with Invisalign® – a slick system of virtually invisible aligners that get on with their work without the need for bothersome brackets and wires.

These secretive aligners are designed just for you and made from a comfortable, clear material so they will fit perfectly. Also, as there are no wires, less adjustments are needed so treatment time is slashed and you won’t have to come and see us as often.

They are not fixed in place but simply slotted over your teeth, so they can be taken out for brief periods, meaning you can keep your teeth extra clean. And you can eat whatever you choose – that means no restriction on chewy, crunchy and sticky stuff like toffee and popcorn (within reason obviously). Also if you want to forget your tooth straightening business for a night, you can whip them out for a special event but make sure you pop them back in when the fun’s over as we do recommend that you wear the aligners for 22-24 hours a day.

Nearly invisible and speedy – they sound great – but how do they actually work?

Initially we will check that Invisalign® will be able to correct your particular problem by taking impressions and some pics of your teeth. If you are a suitable candidate we will use 3D technology to create a personalised plan. This will also show you ‘virtually’ how your teeth will move and what they will look like following treatment.

This top notch digital wizardry is used to produce a series of custom-made aligners and you will wear a different one of these every two weeks so the precisely controlled force will gradually move your naughty teeth into a more well-behaved position.

If you feel a few twinges or a feeling of pressure when a new aligner is put on your teeth, don’t worry, this just shows that Invisalign® is doing its job!

Will it take long?

Treatment times will depend on the individual but, unlike good old fashioned fixed braces which can take up to 18 months, most Invisalign® cases are sorted in just 6-12 months.

Keep it straight

So your teeth will stay in their lovely new position, you will need to wear a retainer. If you don’t, your teeth can go back to their old ways – so keep them safely in line and you’ll be smiling (with much straighter teeth) for years to come.

We offer a FREE consultation, so give us a call on 01642 570 138 and we’ll let you know how to go straight.